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Do you ever feel guilty about leaving your dog at home with nothing to do?

Now you don’t have to. Most dogs were bred for a specific job but today they are found all too frequently lounging about the house with nothing to do. Boredom and excess energy are the most common causes of behavioural problems in dogs. These former stars of the outdoors have turned in to couch potatoes and the energy designed to protect, hunt, herd is now directed to the sofa, curtains, floor or door waiting for you to come home.

Private Pet Care Guernsey has set up a daily crèche designed for dogs who’s mum and dad are out at work all day. At Private Pet Care your dog will get plenty of exercise, play time and love whilst your slaving away at work not having to worry about your beloved dog at home pining for attention.

In the winter months when the weather is really bad Private Pet Care has a very large undercover play area where your dogs can still play and run free safely. You can either drop your dog off on the way to work and pick up on your way home, or we can collect and drop your happy tail-wagging buddy back at the end of the day.

Day crèche is available Monday to Friday.

Dog walking and home visits

Sometimes there are good reasons why your dog cannot leave home. For instance, an elderly dog, an unvaccinated puppy, or one that is recovering from a operation, or you yourself might have a busy day/days and cannot find the time to walk the dog or you maybe unwell yourself and need your dog walked until you get better.

Private Pet Care offers a one on one dog walking service or we can pop in to care for your dog and administer medication when needed. (We do not recommend home visits if you are away on holiday unless you have someone living in).
Boarding, grooming and training.

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Home from Home Boarding

Just like you your dog might need a holiday too.

We only house four dogs at any time so that they can lap up all the love and attention that they would not necessary get when boarded with a larger number of dogs.

All dogs will get two hours walk a day one in the morning and one late afternoon plus afternoon activity play, the walks will consist of one beach walk and one lane walk unless owners advise different. Time flies when we are having fun so the walks can sometimes go over the hour.

If for any reason your dogs walk has to be cut short you will be told, if your dog is not happy boarding with Private Pet Care we will speak to you about it on your return (your dogs happiness is important to us).

We would only walk your dog with our other guests if you and your dog were happy with this arrangement and the other guests (dogs) owners were in agreement. Please note if all four dogs were out together there would be two people with them, two hands two dogs, four hands four dogs.

When you board your dog with us you are quite welcome to bring his bed/toys with him if not then don’t worry we have beds toys and treats to make him feel at home. Your dog will not only be safe in our care but most important happy and well loved.

If at any time you wish for a friend or family member to come and visit your dog when you are away then they are welcome at any time as long as they give us a little notice.

We are hoping to fit all four individual guest rooms with a web cam so that when you are away you can take a peak at your beloved pet. You can now go away knowing that you have left your dog in the best possible hands.


If your dog is boarding with us we are quite happy to bath and groom before his return home at a little extra cost. Please note that we do not cut or clip; this is a wash, brush and dry only service. If you would like your dog trimmed or clipped whilst you are away then I can arrange for this to be done by a professional experienced person.


We can provide basic training for all dogs and assist with any behavioural problems that your dog might have. There are different ways of training your dog and lots of aids on the market to assist in training your dog, but none of these will work unless you the owner are going to follow them through. You as the owner should have patience and an understanding of your dog and most important common sense.

How we operate

After your call and we have determined if the dates that you want are available I will come and visit you and your dog at your home or mine and take down all your dogs’ personal details.

Before we make any booking we will need to take a deposit, once we have received your deposit we will then arrange for you and your dog or just your dog to come to our house to play and go for a walk, this is normally done about ten days before your dog comes to stay with us and is free of charge.

We do this so as that when you drop your dog off for his holiday he/she has some idea as to where they are and who I am and vice versa.

Wags and Kisses

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